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Experience the Floating Markets of Thailand

February 27, 2017
Bangkok Floating Market

Shopping is a popular pastime in Thailand and massive malls and street markets can be found in virtually every part of the country. However, in the days before paved roads covered the land, traders used Thailand’s waterways to sell their fresh produces and wares. A number of floating markets can still be found in and […]

Relax on Malaysia’s Best Beaches

The nation of Malaysia is blessed with stunning tropical weather and intense natural beauty, making this the perfect destination for people who want to soak up the sun for a week or two. There are numerous islands to explore in Malaysia and each is graced with long stretches of powdery golden sand that is lapped […]

Discover Australia’s two longest passenger train routes

February 9, 2017

Travelling by train is a fantastic way to explore Australia. The country boasts a number of very efficient train services that help visitors cover huge distances Australia is known for in next to no time, and this is a very comfortable and stylish way to see the most remote parts of the outback. Two of […]

Why the date of Easter changes every year

February 1, 2017

Easter ranks among the most prominent holidays in the western world, and is considered by many to be the most important holiday for Christians – even more important than Christmas. Yet, Easter has no permanently fixed numeric date, like Christmas’ December 25th (in the Western Church), but seems to wander back and forth across the calendar […]