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A first-timer’s guide to AirBnB

By Kirsty T.
January 29, 2017

AirBnB is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for people around the world to book and rent travel accommodation. The site features more than two million different listings for visitors to choose from in around 190 different countries and the site is set up to easily link people who wish to rent out their accommodation to travellers who are searching for interesting accommodation options.

Popular AirBnB listing: Airstream ‘Glamping’ in Andalucia, Spain.

Weird and wonderful accommodation options

One of the great things about AirBnB is that a whole host of different types of accommodation options are including such as yachts, cottages and villas. This is ideal for travellers who are looking for a unique experience that is much more interesting than simply staying in a hotel or guesthouse.

Popular AirBnB listing: Trullo of 1800 in the Itria Valley, Italy

Getting started

People who wish to make use of the AirBnB site first need to sign up to become a member. This can be done either by email or through Facebook. New members are required to submit their phone number so that they can be contacted easily by hosts or travellers and verification codes will be sent by both SMS and email.

Users can also complete their profile with as many details as they wish so that they appeal to potential hosts. This is an important part of the process, as unlike the owners of hotels, hosts are literally welcoming visitors into their homes and trusting them to treat their property with respect.

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Popular AirBnB listing: Charming garden room with woodstove in the Netherlands.

The perfect accommodation is just a click away

Visitors to the AirBnB site first need to choose their destination from a huge list of cities and towns that are scattered around the world. You are then presented with a list of options that come complete with full colour photographs and descriptions including details of the amenities in the local area and the transportation links to make it very easy for you to select the perfect type of accommodation that suits their needs.

The properties also come complete with reviews from people who have stayed their previously. These reviews are invaluable to help you determine the quality of the accommodation you’re looking at, and also the character of the host (whether they are friendly and welcoming and helpful, or not).

Examples of the top accommodations options that are available to choose from in London can be found here.

Popular AirBnB listing: Cubehouse in centre of Rotterdam

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Accommodation for every budget

if you have a particular accommodation budget in mind you can select this while searching the AirBnB website to help narrow down the search. It is also possible to select other types of search parameters such as the type of room that is required, the amenities that need to be included such as Wireless internet and a kitchen, the facilities that are included both in the room and the property and the language that the host speaks.

Popular AirBnB listing: Olomayiana Private Bush Camp, Kenya

Contacting the host

After finding the perfect property, you select your check in and check out dates and send a booking request. One of the main things that sets AirBnB apart is that the hosts have the right to refuse travellers who they do not want to stay in their accommodation. This is why it is so important for travellers to create an appealing profile complete with photographs of themselves and personal details. When messaging the host, they should try to establish a friendly relationship so that the host is more likely to welcome the traveller into their home.

For more information on how AirBnB works, check out the site.